Business Chakras® Alchemy

Business Chakras®
Clear your inner blocks to success and impact.

An 11-week programme, running annually. 

Are you looking to create change in the world through the work that you do?

Do you aspire to support yourself and enjoy life, whilst doing what you love?

Are you hoping to leave a legacy that can be passed on to future generations?


At the moment you might be feeling a bit stuck. You have started your business, you are so passionate about what you are here to do, you want to help and serve others, you want to make a difference with the magical work that you do, but you just aren’t where you thought you would be.
  • You might struggle to ask for what you know your services are worth.
  • You may find yourself in sabotaging patterns and behaviours which keep you in a cycle of not taking the action you know you need to.
  • You likely aren’t showing up and sharing as powerfully as you know you are here to do.
  • You may find yourself feeling burned out and over-giving as you struggle with your boundaries and are saying ‘yes’ to everything as you fall into the scarcity trap.
I get it. I’ve been there.

This signature group programme begins on Monday 8 February 2021 and is an 11-week container, to support you to clear your business blocks, using the power of colour alchemy, past-life and ancestral healing, journeying, journaling and clearing.

We will go through the blocks that come up on the entrepreneurial journey which can link to the seven main chakras in the body: base, sacral, solar-plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown, plus the earth and soul star chakras, with time for integration.
  • You’ll go from feeling stuck to taking aligned action.
  • You’ll start to own your worth and feel confident about your pricing.
  • You’ll assert better boundaries so that you aren’t left feeling overwhelmed and depleted.
  • You will begin to show up powerfully in your marketing, in the places that are right for you.
We will be using colour alchemy, expressing through painting and drawing 🎨, past-life and ancestral regressions🕸, journeying through visualisations🌅, journaling📓, coaching support❤️ and clearing💫.

There will also be a couple of integration weeks as this work is deep but powerful.

Doors are opening in January 2021, and there is only space for 8 people this time.

Please add your details below to join the waitlist and find out more closer to the time.


"I am honestly blown away by the clarity I am receiving when doing these visualizations. Tara is phenomenal at guiding you right to the source of what needs attention." Bridget, California

"Tara held the space so beautifully and lovingly with her gorgeous soft power which really supported my process of doing deep work in a relaxing way - my favourite way! Having the colour mirrors' support in the process has really helped me to tune in and receive the guidance or healing each chakra was needing. Thank you Tara." Lola, London

"Thanks to Tara’s intuitive guidance I could connect to and clear issues which have been hidden deeply in my subconscious for a very long time. I could transmute feelings including disconnection and lack of inspiration through very powerful energy work. With the use of the ‘Colour Mirrors’ system Tara could identify blocks and patterns which have been stopping me from moving forward in my business and personal life."

Kasia, London and Poland

A bit about me - Tara Jackson

I am a business intuitive and mentor, Colour Mirrors alchemist, holistic health and wellness coach and the founder of Empathpreneurs®, a business service for empath entrepreneurs supporting them to align and ground their businesses with the chakras. As well as looking at blocks through ancestral and past life healing, and colour therapy, so that they can feel safe to be seen and show up and express in the way they know they are here to.

I have 20 years of varied experience working in and with businesses ranging from global corporations and brands to soulpreneurs and hospitality entrepreneurs. I have worked full time, part time and freelance in many different roles from PR and marketing to HR, business operations and as a PA/VA.
My second book, Embodied Business, released on 11.11.2020 looks at each of the seven main chakras in terms of any blocks that might come up which prevent you from showing up in each of these areas as they relate to your business.

I am adopted from India, grew up in Kenya and now mostly live in the UK.

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